Our Program

A child’s stay at Grandma’s Place is intended to be temporary until a permanent or more appropriate placement is found. We serve more than 100 children a year.

What We Do

Our mission is to provide shelter and loving care to children who have suffered abuse and/or neglect and have been removed from their own homes by the FL DCF.

Support Us

There are lots of ways you can assist Grandma’s Place. You can volunteer, give an In-Kind donation or give a Monetary Donation.
About Grandma's Place

Our success is measured by the smiles on the faces of the children we serve… by the number of times that they giggle and laugh each day… by the self-confidence and pride that they gain while they stay with us.   If they leave our shelter happy, feeling safe, secure, and loved, then we have done our job… we are successful.   If we can teach one child to be a survivor and not a victim, we walk around with smiles on our faces for days.  Our hope is that these children grow up to be productive adults –that they do not let the obstacles in their childhood define who they grow up to be. If we can be a small part of changing a life for the better, then we are truly blessed. 


In Florida, an average of 5 children die every DAY at the hands of an abuser


In 2014, 2,440 children were abused or neglected in Palm Beach County.

2015-2016 Events

About 90% of child abuse victims know their perpetrators.


1,000-3,000 children in U.S. suffer from shaken baby syndrome each year.