When a child comes to us, often in the middle of the night, he or she is given:

  • A safe refuge
  • Loving care
  • Homelike setting
  • Around-the-clock awake staff
  • Three well-balanced meals and two snacks daily
  • Medical evaluation and treatment, if needed
  • Psychological assessment and counseling as indicated
  • Homework help
  • Recreational activities
  • Summer camp experiences

A child’s stay at Grandma’s Place is intended to be temporary until a permanent or more appropriate placement is found. We serve more than 100 children a year.

Our program provides 24-hour, 365 days a year care with on-site therapies including speech, physical, occupational, psychological counseling and other therapies as needed.

Once here, each child gets a Service Plan, in cooperation with the child’s caseworkers, which specifies the goals and objectives to achieve a permanent placement. The child also gets a physical check-up within 72 hours of admission and appropriate dental care and immunizations for school admission.

All children participate in extracurricular school activities, agency sponsored field trips and cultural activities appropriate for their age and abilities. Age appropriate allowance is given to children who have the ability to understand the concepts of money, spending and saving.

Grandma’s Place takes educating our children very seriously. School-aged children attend local public schools and our staff coordinates with the school to assure that each child’s educational needs are being met. Staff and volunteers assist children with homework and project assignments.

We do all of this on a very limited budget. Your donations will enable us to give these children even more as they go through this difficult moment in their young lives. Donate here.

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