What We Do

BryanThe mission of Grandma’s Place, Inc. is “To provide shelter and loving care to children who have suffered abuse or neglect and have been removed from their homes; and to provide supports to parents/caregivers of children with special needs to maximize each child’s safety and success.

We provide shelter and loving care to children who have suffered abuse and/or neglect and have been removed from their own homes by the Florida Department of Children and families. Frightened children come to us, often in the middle of the night, sometimes with only the clothes they are wearing. They are welcomed, fed, bathed, introduced to other children, and given a bed.

Grandma’s Place accepts physically and emotionally compromised children from birth to 12-years-old who have been removed from their own homes because of abuse or neglect. We contract with ChildNet to provide 24 hour/seven days a week, 365 days a year care, with wake staff around the clock for these children and assume responsibility for their safety and well being while in the program.

Our agency provides shelter, food, clothing, as well as constant supervision, transportation, school supplies, personal items and incidentals for each child at our residential community in Royal Palm Beach. We make each child feel safe, comfortable and loved. Our professional staff works with the child’s caseworker, guardian ad litem, therapists, and families toward a case plan for reunification. When reunification isn’t possible, we work with other agencies to assist with finding a suitable foster or adoptive home.

We are pleased to announce that through a generous grant from Palm Beach County Youth Service Department, we will be providing a Parent Support Program starting in October 2017.  This program will provide support services to parents/guardians of children with special needs.  These services include Parent Trainings, Parent Mentoring, and facility based respite care for special needs children (mild to moderately disabled – up to the age of 12), which including evenings, weekends, and overnight on an emergency basis.

Help Grandma’s Place provide even more for these children as they pass through our doors in this dark chapter of their young lives. Donate here.

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